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Oil and Gas Distribution and Supply Business Plan

75,000 30,000

A comprehensive Business Plan and feasibility study on oil and gas supply and distribution Business in Nigeria prepared by industry experts and our MBA writers. Read below, the product full description, contents and other additional information.

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Oil and gas business remains one of the most viable business in Nigeria and there is an unending demand for petroleum products. This business plan has been crafted to provide actionable plan on how to initiate and sustain a viable and profitable oil and gas supply business in Nigeria. A comprehensive oil and gas distribution business guide.



1.1 Vision

1.2 Mission

1.3 Core Values

1.4 Keys to Success

1.5 Objectives


2.0 Company Summary

2.1 Business Description

2.2 Legal Requirements

2.3 Obtaining a DPR  Oil and Gas Industry Service Companies Permit (OGISCP)

2.4 Contribution to Local and National Economy

2.5 Start-up Expense Breakdown


3.0 Ownership and Management

3.1 Management Summary

3.2 Personnel Plan

3.3 Roles and Responsibilities

3.4 Business Model Canvas


4.0 Organizational Structure 

4.1 Organizational Chart


5.0 Value Proposition and Competitive Comparison

5.1 Service/Product Offering

5.2 Distribution and supply of PMS, LPK , AGO and LPG.

5.3 Oil and Gas Haulage.


6.0 Market Research and Analysis

6.1 Market Overview and Opportunities

6.2 Market Leaders

6.3 Target Market

6.4 SWOT analysis

6.5.Risks and Mitigants. 


7.0 Competitive Environment

7.1 Competitive Analysis

7.2 Competitive Advantage


8.0. Production/ Operation Plan 

8.1 Description of the Location

8.2 NUPENG Registration.

8.3 Trucks; Price and Type to Buy. 

8.4 Raw Materials

8.5 Equipment

8.6 Products Price List

8.7 Sales Assumptions Summary

8.8 Stock Control Process

8.9 Project Implementation Schedule


9.0. Marketing and Sales Plan 

9.1 Product

9.2 Pricing

9.3 Place

9.4 Promotions


10.0 Internet Plan

10.2 Website Marketing Strategy

10.3 Development Requirement

10.4 Social Media Plan


11. Strategy and Implementation Summary

11.1 Marketing & Sales Plan

11.2 Marketing Strategy

11.3 Promotion Pattern

11.4 Distribution Strategy

11.5 Positioning Strategy


12 Human Resources

13 Quality Control

14 Processes


15 Financials

15.1 Capital Requirements

15.2 Financial Viability

15.3 Break-even Analysis

15.4 Return on Investment

15.5 Projected Profit and Loss (3 Years Summary)

15.6 Projected Income Statement (First Year)

15.7 Projected Cash Flow (Year One)

15.8 Projected Balance Sheet (Year One)


17 Exit Plan and Strategy

18 Plan Improvement

Additional information


Business Plan (PDF) + Business Plan (Docx) + Financial Plan (Xlsx)





Business Plan Format

PDF + Microsoft Word

Financial Plan Format

Microsoft Excel

2 reviews for Oil and Gas Distribution and Supply Business Plan

  1. Olusegun Emmanuel

    The depth of knowledge and information in this business plan is second to none. Kudos to the team.

  2. Chika Obi

    I have long wished to start an oil and gas business but have no idea on how to get started. I reluctantly purchased the PBW oil and gas distribution business plan and as at today, I have not only seamlessly started the business but makes weekly supply of over 4 trucks of PMS, DPK and LPG across Lagos.

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